We are a team of 15 enthusiastic IT believers who’ve all grown up in the digital space and clearly see how it fosters vibrant and diverse communities that are redefining the way brands must communicate, interact and engage with specific target groups online. For us nowhere is the power of communities more current than ONLINE – and ONLINE is what we believe in. Where we succeed is bringing ONLINE to brands that want to reach loyal, highly segmented audiences. Through our direct relationships with great partners and our cutting-edge creative solutions we bring success to brands and audiences alike.



We founded NewNext Online Media in October 2012 driven by our desire to provide great value to brands showcasing themselves in an entirely new, individualised, way. The idea was to build a media company dedicated to connecting people online – from manufacturer to retailer to consumer and vice versa.

As the internet transformed the consumer world, giving the public a platform to shop away from the high street, compare brands, products, prices 24/7, 365 days a year… we always wondered: Where is the B2B online space for retailers?

Of course, there will always be a need for face to face meetings, with opportunities to touch and feel the product. However, conventional Trade fairs pop up twice a year, can be expensive to attend, and tend to showcase just a handful of the brands present in the market, that is, of course, if the brands can afford to exhibit at the show in the first place. Furthermore the role of traditional Trade fairs has been shifting the past few years. “Ten years ago substantial orders were placed during Trade fairs. Nowadays Trade fairs are mainly a place to make new contacts and to get a preview of the next collection. If that is the main purpose, then why not do it online!” A logical step with a decrease amount of visitors on Trade fairs. Especially with the important role that the cost aspect plays today. Both retailer and supplier search for ways to save time and lower costs. Participation in a Trade Shows costs a brand quickly ten thousand euros. The retailer who visits several Trade Fairs with the whole staff quickly save thousand euro. Entrepreneurs were very excited about this initiative. In the last six months more than 100 fashion brands have already signed in and about retailers have registered.”



We don’t see our online B2B platforms NextCollections.com & InteriorTradeFair.com as a replacement to the conventional Trade shows, rather an extension to these events. We offer Brands the opportunity to communicate with retailers in six month after the Trade show periods. And before the Trade shows we offer retailers an very efficient way to prepare for a show before they get there.